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Wooliio - Bamboo toothbrush holder Kids




  • Size: 16cm
  • Material: Natural bamboo, 100% biodegradable

Keeping your toothbrush clean and safe when travelling

Tired of travelling with your toothbrush only to have it dirtied when you reach your destination? Wooliio toothbrush case can keep your toothbrush clean when you are travelling. Our toothbrush case has ventilation holes at the top and bottom to release moisture from the toothbrush. It is made from 100% bamboo without any plastic parts, and is very lightweight, making it ideal to travel with.

Eco-friendly and zero waste

Bamboo is one of the fastest-growing plants in the world, being able to grow up to three feet a day and self-regenerate from its own roots without the need for fertilizers or pesticides. At the end of its life cycle, Wooliio bamboo toothbrush case can be decomposed in a compost heap within 4-6 months without adding plastic waste to the ocean.


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Wooliio - Bamboo toothbrush holder Kids


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