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Tea Time With Grandma Tea


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What else can you mix with Russian tea, if not a Russian berry? Wild, fresh, slightly bitter viburnum and sweet, aromatic raspberries. Such different berries, complemented by floral notes of meadowsweet and raspberry leaf, are an excellent composition for a new taste and aroma of fermented Ivan tea.
A bright, beautiful blend with a floral and berry aroma enriches with vitamins, soothes, removes thirst and harmonizes.
Ivan tea is the choice of those who share the desire to eat natural products, lead a healthy lifestyle and use the best that the Russian land can give.
Ingredients: narrow-leaved fireweed (Ivan-Tea) fermented leaf, oregano herb, raspberry leaf, badan leaf, Sudanese rose flowers, viburnum berry, raspberry berry, meadowsweet leaf 

50 gr



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Tea Time With Grandma Tea


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