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Organic Pine forest Soap


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The soap is brewed in an infusion of pine needles, with essential oils of coniferous trees, which purify, tone, lift the mood, eliminate bacteria, and help fight colds.
The cosmetic properties of coniferous spruce and pine oils revitalize tired skin that has lost its smoothness and elasticity. Thanks to its antibacterial properties, spruce needle oil reduces sweating and skin irritation.
Ground needles provide a gentle scrub that will help to gently cleanse and remove flakey skin. It tones the skin, enhances blood circulation, and helps to cleanse and tighten skin pores.
Composition: Coconut oil, shea oil, apricot kernel oil, milk thistle oil, white clay, essential oils of pine, fir and spruce, sodium lactate, mint, pine needles . Hot brewed from scratch
100-110 gr

Shelf life 2 years
Cruelty-free, plastic-free, chemicals-free, palm oil-free


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Organic Pine forest Soap


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