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MissCBD CBD Drip Bag Coffee - 13g / 12mg - 10 Pack

Feeling Sleepy and Blurry in the morning? Our Handmade CBD Drip Bag Coffee is loaded with 12mg of active broad-spectrum CBD, plus the great taste of premium coffee beans. Whether you are on the way to the office or just need an extra kick in the morning to get the day started, MissCBD’s Half Calmness Half Focus Coffee Drip Bag can help you on your way!



Come have a taste of calmness with our CBD Half Calmness Coffee Drip Bag 10 pack!

Half Calmness Half Focus MISSCBDHK Drip Bag Coffee is now out and available.  This is perfect if you are traveling, hiking or simply in office too lazy to go anywhere.  Just add hot water and wait.  Brew strength depends on how long you leave the coffee in the water,  the longer the stronger.  When you are ready just take out the whole package and throw it out.  A simple and elegant solution for coffee on the move.

12mg of CBD per drip bag.

The perfect amount of CBD to balance out the coffee buzz from the caffeine. 

Selection of Coffee Beans from around the world.

Specially selected flavors of beans: Guatemala & Ethiopia.



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MissCBD CBD Drip Bag Coffee - 13g / 12mg - 10 Pack


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